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article by Staci Bunton

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They say it's called the "Queen City" because it is the second largest city in New York State, next to New York City of course.

But I think it's called the "Queen City" because its aerial views Rule.

Situated at the confluence of Lake Erie and the Buffalo and Niagara Rivers, Buffalo is a waterfront city.

When taking your helicopter tour of the city, you will likely fly along Buffalo's beautiful waterfront in your helicopter towards the Buffalo Naval Park.

Glide over the USS Sullivan's and USS Little Rock.

Then hover up the Niagara River towards Martin Fantasy Island and the Niagara Falls.

From there perhaps your helicopter tour will go down the waterfront and around through the city for a breath taking experience of Buffalo's beautiful scenery from above.

Check out the Coca-Cola Field, home of the Triple-A Buffalo Bison's.

The city's rise to economic power came through its waterways in the form of transshipment, manufacturing, and an endless source of energy. Buffalo's waterfront remains, though to a lesser degree, a hub of commerce, trade, and industry.

As of 2009, a significant portion of Buffalo's waterfront is being transformed into a focal point for social and recreational activity. Recently excavated and re-watered is the Erie Canal Commercial Slip, which is the original western terminus of the Erie Canal System.

Have your helicopter tour take you over the 184-year-old Commercial Slip which has been excavated and re-watered, a replica "bowstring" pedestrian bridge that spans the slip has been built, a re-creation of the wooden Central Wharf put in place and foundations of Erie Canal-era buildings unearthed."

This is intended to revitalize the original Erie Canal Harbor, with shops, eateries, and high-rise condominiums planned. Buffalo's intent is to stress its relatively architectural and historical heritage, creating a tourism destination.

The Erie Basin Marina with the Buffalo skyline in the background.

Here's a lovely view! There are so many stories behind lighthouses.

Buffalo's "1833 Lighthouse" Where the Buffalo River & Lake Erie meet!

Let's get out of town for a moment.

Fly by the Hamburg Airport then get an aerial view of the windmills south of Buffalo. It is a breathtaking experience.

Compared to New York City, Buffalo may seem less exciting. But this city has many hidden treasure.

To Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Darwin Martin House, to the Underground Railroad experience, to Forest Lawn Cemetery, to the magnificent legacy of Buffalo's stained glass church windows, there's so much to see.

Take your sightseeing to new heights and book a helicopter tour.

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